After the tragic death of their 5-year-old son, a family struggles with his loss and attempts to mend their frayed bonds. Experience the struggle through the child’s ghostly eyes and explore Afterlife’s multiverse of different realities as the family acknowledges his absence, or presence, in their own lives. Using a cutting-edge VR filming technique, Afterlife takes the audience through branching narratives that seamlessly reveals a story that shifts based on the characters that the player chooses to follow and the objects activated within the environment.


Seamlessly navigate and interact in a rich 360-3D live-action story
◆ No two playthroughs are alike – 29 unique choices prompt thousands of singular playthroughs with multiple ends
◆ Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR allows players to intuitively affect the story

◆ No use of UI elements means players are fully immersed without interruptions from start to finish
◆ Move objects and choose characters’ paths through your gaze
◆ Branches are triggered by gaze-control (control required to interact with objects)
◆ Experience seated or standing

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    Produced with the financial support of The Canada Media Fund.