Seamless Interactive Cinematic

Adaptive Narratives Closer to Reality

Good storytelling forces you to become emotionally invested in a piece, which provokes heartbreak and a need to change a fictional fate.

Afterlife is a project by Signal Space Lab that showcases the studio’s proprietary technique: Seamless Interactive Cinematic.

Seamless Interactive Cinematic lets viewers control the fate of the piece in live-action virtual reality. It gives you the power to navigate the story – choose paths, influence decisions, and craft a myriad of resolutions.

Seamless Interactive Cinematic emphasizes the narrative aspect of films and connects it with video game features to create a contemporary level of interactiveness never before seen in live-action.

This technique is specially designed to create intuitive triggers and multiple outcomes without the support of UI elements. It allows viewers to experience entirely unique playthroughs without requiring overt story-branching actions.

There’s a certain beauty in control.


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